Polygon Door Logo

Polygon Door was a creative technology lab and an experiment in academic freedom and community. We ran workshops and developed products that explored the relationship between creativity and technology.

Our Workshops ranged from building dApps on the Ethereum blockchain, designing and making furniture with a CNC machine, building creative machines and robots, and using computers and code to make art.

We also ran workshops for kids who built and programmed Pablo - Our creative robotics platform for homes and schools.

We had a lot of fun thinking and experimenting with the relationship between creativity, technology and community. Thanks to all those who supported us, made things with us, and learnt alongside us.

Polygon Door Pty Ltd Ceased Trading in 2018 to make space and time for other adventures and experiments.

You can contact us at info (at) polygondoor.com for the time being.

You can find mat (at) eidoscape.com